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150mm Galvanised Steel Gutters

The finish on our Galvanised Steel Guttering is a work of art that has been perfected using a six stage process to ensure that is both attractive and long lasting. The smooth, deep metallic sheen that is created by the addition of Chromium during the final stage of manufacture provides a permanent, solid, compact layer which gives added protection to the galvanised steel core.  

Most other 150mm systems are measured externally - they are 150mm to the outside of the rolled front edge. Our 150mm steel system is measured internally, i.e. it is 153mm to the inside of the front edge, meaning is has a much greater capacity than competitor's systems.




Steel 150mm Gutter 3m Galvanised

Code: LUX150G3

£16.98 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm Fascia Bracket Galvanised

Code: LUX150FB

£2.31 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm Rafter Bracket Galvanised

Code: LUX150RB

£5.60 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm Gutter Union Galvanised

Code: LUX150U

£4.16 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm Running Outlet Galvanised

Code: LUX150RO

£7.11 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm External Stop End Galvanised

Code: LUX150SE

£2.55 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm External Angle 90 Deg. Galvanised

Code: LUX15090E

£16.32 ex.VAT

Steel 150mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. Galvanised

Code: LUX15090I

£16.32 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Downpipe 3m Galvanised

Code: LUX100P3

£20.75 ex.VAT
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Steel 100mm Downpipe Clip Galvanised

Code: LUX100DPCK

£2.28 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Offset Bend 60 Deg. Galvanised

Code: LUX100B60

£6.67 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Downpipe Bend 90 Deg. Galvanised

Code: LUX100B90

£10.69 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Pipe Connector Galvanised

Code: LUX100S

£4.60 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Downpipe Branch Galvanised

Code: LUX100BR

£26.15 ex.VAT

Optional Increased length screw and plug


£0.48 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews
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