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100mm Black Steel Gutters

Our 100mm Black Steel Gutter is made from Zinc coated, galvanised steel which then receives a passivation layer followed by a primer and a final organic layer to give the perfect finish. The gutter profile measures 107mm internally giving a larger capacity than our competitors 100mm systems. Lighter than cast iron yet tougher than PVC, steel gutters offer the best of both worlds. 

Steel 100mm Gutter 3m Black

Code: STAL120G3B

£15.23 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Fascia Bracket Black

Code: STAL120FBB

£2.01 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Side Rafter Bracket Black

Code: STAL120RBB

£6.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Gutter Union Black

Code: STAL120UB

£3.72 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm External Stop End Black

Code: STAL120SEB

£2.55 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Running Outlet Black

Code: STAL120ROB

£6.76 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm External Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL12090EB

£18.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL12090IB

£18.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Angle 135 Deg. External Black

Code: STAL120135EB

£21.61 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe 3m Black

Code: STAL90P3B

£20.06 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Clip with fixing Black


£2.19 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Offset Bend 60 Deg. Black

Code: STAL90B60B

£6.38 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Pipe Connector Black

Code: STAL90SB

£4.59 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Bend 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL90B90B

£10.81 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Branch Black


£25.94 ex.VAT

Optional Increased length screw and plug


£0.48 ex.VAT
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